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Borrego Springs is an unincorporated community in San Diego County, California. The Borrego Springs census-designated place (CDP) had a population of 2, 535 at the 2000 census. Many residents are seasonal while others remain year round. Borrego Springs holds the unique distinction of being the only California community completely surrounded by a state park (the largest desert state park in the nation).

The village of Borrego Springs has a pueblo-style Visitor's Center & Chamber of Commerce near the heart of town. There are 2 shopping malls, several restaurants, accommodations of every kind and unique shops. There are no stop lights in Borrego Springs and night time lighting is kept to a minimum to protect the extraordinary magnificence of the starlit sky. A slow pace is encouraged. Many describe Borrego Springs as a Palm Springs that existed 50 years ago.

A local landmark is the traffic roundabout between the airport and downtown, known as Christmas Circle. Every year in October, the community celebrates with the Borrego Days Desert Festival at Christmas Circle. The town includes a branch of the San Diego County Library.

Tourism is a major industry in Borrego Springs. There are 4 public golf courses, Tennis Center, horsback riding and much more. The village is a popular destination for "Snow Birds" that migrate annually from the colder climates in winter to enjoy the sunshine of this desert community. There are RV Parks to accommodate every kind of motor home.

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