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Sioux Lookout in Ontario.

Sioux Lookout

Sioux Lookout is a town in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. It has a population of 5,336 and an elevation: 1280 ft / 390 m. Known locally as the "Hub of the North", it is serviced by the Sioux Lookout Airport, Highway 72, and the Sioux Lookout railway station. Tourism, lumber, and health care are the primary sources of employment in the town.

There are a number of fishing camps in the area that allow access to an extensive lake system fed by the English River. The town is surrounded by several beaches including the historical site of Umphreville Park, a historical site that predates the town itself. During the summer months, Sioux Lookout's population rises as American and other tourists arrive to take advantage of the multitude of lakes and rivers in the area. Experienced guides, employed by the camps, can locate the best locations and also provide an educated tour of a unique land known affectionately as "sunset country".


The annual Blueberry Festival has been held the first week in August since 1982. 2007 marked the 25th anniversarry of the festival which celebrates the town and its surrounding environment. The most popular events include: the Sioux Mountain Festival, the Bocce Tournament, and a charitable social which incorporates an annual theme. Eco-Tourism is growing rapidly with outfitter's such as Goldwater Expeditions providing Kayaks, Skiing/Snowshoe Rentals, Ecology based Adventures, Cultural Education and Ecological Interpretation.

Sites of interest

Sioux Mountain
Cedar Bay Recreational Facilities
Ojibway Park

The population explodes during the spring and summer when seasonal residents arrive mainly to experience the town's amazing outdoor activities. Fishing is the main tourist attraction during summer because of access to numerous lakes that offer world class fishing such as "Legendary" Lac Seul and Minnitaki Lake.

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