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Ear Falls, Ontario

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Ear Falls in Ontario.


Ear Falls is a small township located in Northwestern Ontario on Highway 105, roughly 100 km north of Highway 17 and Vermilion Bay. The town is roughly halfway between Highway 17 and Red Lake and Balmertown.

The construction of highway 105 helped to introduce tourism to the area with hunting and fishing camps were built on lakeshore sites along the highway. It also provided access points to Lac Seul, Cedar River and Chukuni River. Ear Falls is a natural funnel for supplies and services due to its location between Vermillion Bay and Red Lake, and due to its waterway access points. A tourist camp was built around the former Hudson’s Bay store at Goldpines. For several years, old cabins at Sam’s Portage were rented out to tourists. Tourist camps were also operated at Little Canada and Snake Falls. Once the Ontario Hydro construction at Manitou Falls was completed and the lumber company had closed, the tourist industry became the economic mainstay of the Ear Falls community. Hunting and fishing have been a popular draw to the area for years, and more recently, ecotourism had added an additional element to the tourism experience of Ear Falls.

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