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Are you looking for islands for sale? Imagine your own island lapped by the warm waters of the Caribbean or your own private island off the shores of Greece, that was once owned by the Onassis family.

One thing is certain, Bargain Properties range of private islands for sale has islands for sale to suit every taste and budget.

We have put together a mixed selection private islands for sale throughout the world including the Caribbean, USA, Canada, Asia, Europe and South America, including private tropical islands for sale for hotel and resort development. Prices vary from $230, 000 to over $30, 000, 000.

Most of us dream of escaping to our own secluded island. Maybe it is the sense, the feeling of having our own little world, our own little kingdom that drives us to desire it were true.  The fact is that it is possible to have your own island, owning a paradise retreat has never been so easy. 
Island dwelling has become practicable and ever more popular due to the constant demand for affordable, less developed seaside views. Many islands that were considered uninhabitable once have suddenly become desirable properties. A number of people enjoy the status of luxury of owning a unique piece of land surrounded by 360° of water. Others are looking for the connection with nature, slower pace of life, sense of security and privacy.

island for sale with a jetty into the sea
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Still dreaming ?

Lazy days!

It is a big investment and requires real commitment from the person / family that makes this type of purchase, as one has to understand that it is going to take more time to develop than on the mainland and it is going to be more expensive. But let these factors not bother you to reach your dream. There are more positive sides to these projects, and after all, it is what you really want in the end, anyway.
As we’ve mentioned earlier, there is enormous demand for private islands, resorts (especially eco-resorts) nowadays. During 6-7 years these type of properties skyrocketed in value. The good example would be the Bahamas: some of the properties on the market have tripled in price for less than five years ago. People are selling and buying private islands more willingly.

Caribbean Islands for Sale
Italian Islands for Sale

Caribbean islands for sale

Italian islands for sale - SOLD

There are cases, when the property (private islands it is) has been in the family for years and years, but is very difficult to keep up, as it doesn't meet the needs of that family anymore, or is not suitable to its lifestyle. The idea becomes very attractive to those families to sell this kind of property worth of millions when originally bought for less than a car would have cost nowadays. A particular interest is for the islands which comprise idyllic wilderness retreat and close communication to the outside world. They are the first on the buyers' list these days (Maine Islands). If you are thinking of settling down on the island, you have to get used to the idea that it is an isolated area of land after all, no matter how close it is to other landmarks.

American Islands for Sale
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American islands for sale

Phillipines islands for sale

The buying price is only one of the starting expenses and challenges that come with the fact of owing your own piece of land in the middle of the water. Take in mind, apart from renovation expenditures, there is a cost of getting there and back, transportation of household supplies by air or boat from mainland. Modern appliances and conveniences like dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. require costly power-generation systems. However, there are less pricey alternatives to generate the power, like solar panels and wind mills. In fact, on some of the islands it is the only option - to “turn green”. For the water supply, one can turn to the idea of installing your own generator-powered desalinization system, which can make fresh water from ocean water every certain period of time enough for a group of people.

So you won’t be living a life of the aborigine recluse, only if you take care of your island. Yes, it takes a lot of effort and time keeping up your island, but in the end it is all worth it!

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Canadian islands for sale

Dubai islands for sale

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