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Club 151 - Resort Villas offer a range of prices based on the term of lease (20, 25 and 30 years) which gives the owner the benefit of flexibility on return for at least 20 years.

Luxury Villas Price

Term Price Price / Year Price / Mo Fixed ROI / Year 9% Fixed ROI / Mo
20 Year Lease 275, 000 13, 750 1, 146 24, 750 2, 063
25 Year Lease 330, 000 13, 200 1, 100 29, 700 2, 475
30 Year Lease 375000 12, 500 1, 042 33, 750 2, 813


Term Price Price / Year Price / Mo Fixed ROI / Year 9% Fixed ROI / Mo
20 Year Lease 220, 000 11, 000 917 19, 800 1, 650
25 Year Lease 255, 000 10, 200 850 22, 950 2, 475
30 Year Lease 290000 9, 667 806 26, 100 2, 813

Guaranteed Fixed ROI available for 5 years (if paid in full)

Returns on Investment

Our figures on projected returns of investment are conservatively based on numbers that existing properties generate in the area. From the moment these luxury villas will have been built in the well known area of Seminyak, next to the famous Kudeta Restaurant, a high occupancy rate is anticipated. (see projections ROI above)

Outline above shows a ROI based on both high and low occupancy rates over a 5 year period. One could see that in any sequence of events the investor is guaranteed for an attractive return together with the personal satisfaction being an owner of a villa at prestigious Club 151.

Room rate projections are based on the net revenue after tax, service charges, travel agent commissions, inclusive of meals and other relevant services.

Management fees are calculated at 20% of revenues.

Maintenance fees are calculated on the base of actual expenses of existing area projects and are subject to change with inflation.

Forecast of Owners Income will be based on the total Villas incomes, divided equally by the number of villa nights and villas, minus any owner occupied nights.

Payment of Owners Income will be made on a bi-annual basis after deducting Management, Maintenance and Membership Fees. Owners will receive a monthly statement ínforming in detail of the total net villa income.

Maintenance fees are fixed and payable in year one on a bi-annual basis. In subsequent years owners may offset fees from Villa rental income. Maintenance fees cover such items as:
  1. Staffing (drivers, maids, gardeners, repair men, pool cleaners).
  2. Pool and Gardening products & equipment.
  3. Utilities, Satellite & Internet Services.

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